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Sydney, 6.6.2001.

Attention: The Sun Herald Editor

Dear Sirs,

In your comment “A guide to the new Eastern Europe”, in last week’s edition (3 June 2001) you have added a map indicating all geopolitical entities in the region, with the exception of The Republic of Montenegro. Moreover you have included Montenegro as part of Serbia, which in our opinion is your endorsement of Serbian aspirations over Montenegrin territory.

  We strongly protest and request that you publish a correct map and apologize to Australians of Montenegrin origin.

  At the moment when Montenegro is struggling to restore its statehood and become independent again, such a political message could aggravate anger and irritation within the community. Your newspaper should restrain of instigating in Australia the problems from countries where the ethnic communities are originated.

Yours sincerely,

Mihailo Mandic, President