Dear Russell,


We appreciate very much your enthusiasm and efforts, however reading some of your messages I have the impression that you had received wrong advise. Of cause you cannot understand Balkan's mentalities and have the same political feeling regarding the events in Yugoslavia as someone from that region.

In the best intention you are trying to introduce Serbs to Serbs Association Inc. as a humanitarian organization. However that organization, as stated in its Statement of Purposes has been promoting a well know nationalistic doctrine [ which by the way brought the Serbs in the present position ] - chauvinism and patronization over the other nations - particular Montenegro. Ipso facto "Serbs to Serbs" as a national organization cannot include in their program Montenegrins. Montenegrins are not Serbs. Republic of Montenegro is not a Serbian province.
Anyway Montenegro was not bombed by NATO and didn't have any casualties like Serbia.
Democracy in Montenegro is working and the Government has good relations with all neighboring countries along with USA and EU.
The Montenegrin ethnic community in Australia has been exposed to a permanent chauvinistic propaganda from the Serbs organizations specifically via their media including SBS Radio. Following Serbian policy of assimilation and domination over Montenegrin nation those organizations contest Montenegrin ethnic community right to be recognized in Australia. Montenegrin ethnic identity, culture and history have been ridiculed and denied.

If the young people in Montenegro need help Montenegrin ethnic community would be able to take appropriate measures and if necessary to co operate also with "Serbs to Serbs" and eventual other humanitarian organizations in Australia and abroad on an equal basis.

Best regards

M Ilickovic